Top 10 Seeds for Wedding Favours

Top 10 flower seeds for wedding favours

Something we have started to produce here at Thompson & Morgan is wedding favours. Brides to be would ask us regularly if we could help with providing seeds for their special day, and now we can. Here’s a quick guide to our top 10.


10. Gypsophila or Baby’s Breath

This excellent annual is one of the easiest seeds you can grow. Its strong stems produce thousands of tiny pure white blooms on its tips. This elegant plant features in most weddings, it is a long standing florist favourite and is used to add texture or just by itself as a bouquet.

9. Freesia

Freesias give a vivid array of colours, along with a unique sweet, yet peppery fragrance. Used as a filler flower more than a vocal point in arrangements but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most recognisable! Freesias are technically not a seed but a corm! But how can this versatile wedding favourite not be included?


8. Carnations

Large flowered Dianthus, or as they are more commonly known Carnations, have been a feature in floral displays for thousands of years. These reliable flowers withtheir strong stems, and sweetly scented flowers, were first used by the Greeks and Romans in garlands. Once cut the flower blooms last an incredibly long time, even out of water.

7. Forget-me-nots

There are many tales of how these beautiful dainty blue flowered plants got their name, but the theme between all of them remains the same, remembrance and everlasting love. Perhaps the most fitting tale is one of a man and his sweetheart, when walking beside a river he spotted a posy of blue flowers. While trying to retrieve them he fell into the river, and before he drowned shouted “forget me not” as he threw the posy to his sweetheart!

7. Forget-me-not


These fantastically named plants with their bell shaped flowers came straight from the Thompson & Morgan breeding programme. Our experts bred this variety to ensure a longer flower period with a large assortment of colours and patterns. Make the wedding bells from your day ring in yours and your guest’s gardens for years to come.

5. Sunflowers

These big, bold yellow flowers bring happiness to everyone immediately. The meaning behind the flower includes longevity, loyalty and adoration. Their flower heads turn towards the sun and follow it across the sky. Typically used in summer or country weddings these wonderful flowers are show-stoppers, and yet incredibly easy to grow.


4. Lavender

Lavender flowers are a symbol of love and devotion, and their colour represents grace, elegance and romance, and use in weddings is growing, as they can be used as a fresh flower or dried. Its heavenly scent is immediately recognisable.

3. Delphiniums

These stunning flowers are more commonly used in weddings for centre pieces or to decorate the alter and other statement displays. Their tall, elegant spikes come in an array of vivid colours and the blooms symbolise an open heart, love and romance.

2. Sweet Pea

Sweet Peas are one of the most popular cottage garden plants. When grown in a garden, cutting and using the flowers in arrangement is encouraged! The more you cut, the more flowers your plant will produced for you. These romantic, scented, beautifully ruffled flowers come in an array of colours, making them a favourite for brides!

1. Wildflower mixtures

Wildlflower mixes are probably the most popular wedding seed we offer. They’re kind to the environment, and incredibly easy for your guests to grow if they choose, they require little or no care to give you a fabulous display! And you’ll help the bees and of your garden too. The perfect way to remind you and your guests of your special day for years to come.